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Last Updated: 4/26/2022 9:11 PM

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Welcome Back to School!

We hope you have had a wonderful summer vacation and we can't wait to be back in the buildings to see your students & hear all about it! There are many exciting things going on in our kitchens, here are few of the highlights:

  • Lunches are free!  Breakfasts, too! The State of Colorado is offering free meals for all of our students! Please understand the State will pay for a full meal, as long as it includes all the components they require (fruit, vegetable, meat, grain, dairy). If your child only wants one or two items, say they just want a milk, then his/her account will be charged for individual items they choose. 

  • Fill out your Free and Reduced Meal Forms! This is one of the ways the State determines how much it will subsidize our Food Services Program. We appreciate your help in keeping our programs running! Forms are at the bottom of this page.

  • Breakfast Service times:  Strasburg Elementary School  7:45 AM

    • Hemphill Middle School  7:35 AM

    • Strasburg High School  7:40

  • School Menus are subject to change! Sometimes we have trouble getting a menu item from our distributor or a piece of cooking equipment fails. When we can't offer a meal as planned, we will adjust our meal plan. Please know that our highest priority is to serve the children a safe, high quality, appetizing meal. We will communicate with your student any changes, as soon as we can. 


School Lunch Menu

We have a powerful new software system for our lunch menus called Titan! Click on the link below and toggle through the screen to see what your school is serving!  You may choose your school and choose either breakfast or lunch. If you hover over the meal you are looking at, allergen information as well as carbohydrate counts will pop up for you!  As with any new software there are "bugs" to be worked out (so, so many bugs!), which means menus will change based upon updates we are working on right now ~ AND of course, the supply chain issues we have faced this year. As of this moment, you can count on the menu for the week of January 4-7, 2022. 

JANUARYAll School  Menus





 April - May Menu Quick Reference


April 2022 Menu

May menu 2022


Here is a quick reference for the rest of the month!  With the supply chain problems that our country is having we may have to change things at a moments notice.  Please bare with us.  Thanks everyone!



Breakfast Prices:        Students $2.10

                                    Adults $2.70

Lunch Prices:              Students: $3.00

                                     Adults: $3.75

      Additional milk or juice is $.40


   O lunch price policy 

 H.S. & H.M.S ALA CARTE PRICES 2020-2021   

      O    Ala Carte Prices                                                    

                MEAL MODIFICATIONS

   O   Medical Statement for Meal Modifications

   O     Medical Statement for Meal Modifications -


      O  Free and Reduced Application (English)

             (Application Instructions in English)   

      O   Free and Reduced Application (Spanish)  (Aplicación para comida escolar gratuita y de precio reducido)                        

             (Application Instructions in Spanish(Instrucciones de Aplicación en Español)


English letter to households

Spanish letter to households (Carta a los hogares en Español)


Free and Reduced Public Release Statement - 21-22


USDA Nondiscrimination Statement 

August 12th 2020

Dear Families,

ATTENTION: Please go in and make sure your Payschools account is current and if you are on Auto pay that the date is reset for this year! Also be advised that you have to fill out the Free and Reduced form every year so please get it on our website or ask for a form and get it back ASAP so it can be processed because you are liable for any fees put on your kids accounts until the form is approved. 

.If you are new to the district you will have to setup your childs lunch accounts. Their money, Free and Reduced, and lunch number does not follow them to each school. Please make sure your child's account is setup or you will be liable for all negative balances.


Here is info on how to get setup an account:

/userfiles/57/my files/payschools register!.pdf?id=2369

Here is a link in case you have other problems in Payschools:

/userfiles/57/my files/payschools central - how do i.docx?id=2368

This is old news however if you have not gone in and changed your account it will still apply to you!

If you have any questions feel free to Charlotte Larsen.

Thank you





Office Hours: Monday through Friday

6:00am to 2:00pm

Katy Hickson

Interim Director, Food Services

Ph: (303) 622-9213 ext. 705

Fax: (303) 622-4891

Kelly Flowers

Strasburg Elementary and High Schools

Food Service Lead Cook

Ph: (303) 622-9215 ext. 892

Fax: (303) 622-4891

Katy Hickson

Hemphill Middle School

Food Service Lead Cook

Ph: (303) 622-9213 ext. 705

Fax: (303) 622-2613